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The Village that changed its name

Welcome to New Jerusalem

Nyanyagoihun to New Jerusalem

Back in July our team visited a little village about 5 miles outside of Kailahun Town called Nyanyagoihun.  The village has 38 adults and 20 children living there. During our outreach activities every person in the village responded to the Gospel message of Jesus.  After the initial outreach the community decided to change the name of the village to new Jerusalem in order to acknowledge what had happened there.  On the 21st October some of our team re visited the village at the request of the community and during this visit a two acre piece of land was given to Maranatha in order for us to plant a church, they also nominated a young man from within the community named to be trained as a Pastor.  

This news is so EXCITING and we thank God for His goodness and pray that He will continue to bless this work.   Please consider financially supporting our work so as we can see many more people reached with the Life Transforming Message of Jesus.

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