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The Promised Land Project



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Our Vision

God recently reminded Lorraine about a dream / vision He had given her many years ago when she first visited Africa.  The vision was to have a piece of land, that would be developed with farming and livestock, workshops and training, this land would generate enough funds to run and develop the ministry without it needing funding from outside. 


During the visit to Kailahun in April 2023, the  Lord reignited that vision. 

We believe the next step for Maranatha Christian outreach Ministries is, a new 5-year project called The Promised Land Development Project. Following the recent acquisition by MCOM of a piece of land, the plan is now to develop this land, to build a Christian Training Centre and develop a Missionary Training Program.  This will create a hub for discipleship training in the area where we operate as well as utilising the land to create and launch a number of micro-enterprises such as farming, soap making, bee-keeping and purified water sales.


The overarching aim of this project is to make Maranatha Christian Outreach Ministries self-sustainable so that disciples will continue to be made for many years to come without reliance upon international donors. Whilst this is a 5-year plan, we will continue to pray that funding will come sooner and so expediate the project.


We feel that the vision Lorraine had over 20 years ago is for such a time as this. 


We have written a five-year development plan and believe that on completion of this plan the ministry will be self-sustainable.  The plan will cost approximately £90,000 to implement.   It will cost a further £10,000 to rent a house for the 5 year period for the ministry office and to pay for a member of the UK board to visit once a year to monitor the development.

We are looking to develop a network of prayer warriors who will get behind the project in prayer as well as praying for the ongoing ministry work of MCOM.

If you would like more information  about our work in Kailahun, about the Promised Land Development Project or if you would like to be one of our prayer warriors, then please email Lorraine using the link below.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 07791784354

Can you help us to make this ministry in Kailahun
self sustainable

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